nihilistxcore (_hauntedxheart_) wrote in weloveerik,

could you invent a world for me?

hello there. my name is justine and i'm proud to say that i've had my very own erik for almost ten months now! he's an awesome boyfriend and i love him very much. :-D i'm also very glad that this community is weloveerik and not weloveeric....since erik with a k is wayy cooler than eric with a c.

--- <3 justine)

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hey, I'm Eric with a C :(
its okay. we love you anyway...and just think...even though eric with a c may be less cool than erik with a k it is most desidedly cooler than, say, eugene.

eric is for stoopit people... erik is for smart people... like me!



July 6 2005, 00:26:21 UTC 11 years ago

Congrats! I have been with my Erik for a litte over six months. I agree with the Erik being cooler than Eric.
I didn't mean to go anonymous. sorry.